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Our History

Vanillacoco was founded by Mandy Bukhali & Clint Phillips three years ago, the whole idea started when Mandy bought individual hair extension strands and was made to believe that she was buying Brazilian hair extensions,as the hair was meant to last a long period of time. The individual strands only lasted a month and she found out that not only was the hair extension low grade quality but it was not Brazilian hair. Mandy & Clint done extensive research and was startled by how many “fake” Brazilian hair extensions were out there and the idea to open an educational hair boutique started where we don’t only sell hair but also educate ladies on the different terms of Virgin and Remy and how to grade hair extensions,a lot of research was done on distributing affordable and good quality hair extensions.

Vanillacoco believes that hair extensions are not only accessories to give volume and length to dull and short hair but also a way to enhance a women’s natural beauty that’s why we have done extensive research for the past 3 years before launching our business full time. To not only introduce beautiful hair extensions but also quality, affordable and different varieties for our ladies. We dedicated a large amount of time inspecting and traveling to finally discover the hair that we distribute to our salons and public on an ongoing basis. Passion for hair and beauty is what drove us to keep pushing to reach the best quality.
Our prices are affordable, and we stand firm and hold our company name high and we know that having long luscious hair does not have to cost a fortune. We have been to numerous salons in Gauteng and have noticed that the hair is not of good quality that is where Vanillacoco comes in to show case our beautiful hair to salons as your clients should only receive the best hair possible. We are strongly confident in our hair brand, and can honestly say that all of our clients have only had positive things to say and they absolutely love our hair. As you continue with our presentation you will understand what Vanillacoco is about and what we have to offer you.



Mandy Bukhali & Clint Phillips